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our mission & meet the TEAM

At Transform Capital, we believe in the power of a virtuous cycle where transformative ideas can turn into outsized profits and outsized profits can in return do good in our world. While startups globally have the ability to transform entire industries, we also live in a world where many challenges like poverty, climate change, and hunger still exist.


Our mission is simple - make money while doing good. We are a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with unique access to the best late-stage private companies yielding outsized returns. We invest in high-growth, revenue-generating technology startups and donate 50% of partners’ profits to philanthropic causes picked by our portfolio founders and LPs.


Yes, we are unique in our industry in giving away such a significant portion of our partners’ profits but it does take the crazy ones to start a movement - philanthropy in venture capital. Read how we are disrupting the traditional VC profit-sharing model.


We are a team of former founders, operators, and investors. Giving back is in the DNA of our fund, our LPs and the founders we back.

venture fellows program

Venture capital is an apprenticeship field and it is an important part of the economy. That's why we created a summer program to train the next generation of aspiring venture capitalists.

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